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Vannes and his wife

vannes et sa femme

An emblematic couple!

Even though they are the number one must-see couple in Vannes, this couple from Vannes didn’t wait for TripAdvisor to become famous! Vannes and his wife are a bit of the VIP to know for anyone venturing into the centre of Vannes. You can meet them at any time of the day or night. Jealous people will tell you that they’ve got a big head and that they’ve become inaccessible, that they pose in front of the tourists gathered at their feet to shoot a selfie… In fact, they are a very ordinary couple who have managed to keep a smile on their face and to hold out their hand to the first stranger who comes along. Occasionally, stop by and say “hello”, you’ll find them at the crossroads of the Bienheureux-Pierre-René-Rogue and Noé streets!

Get acquainted

This granite sculpture inserted in the masonry of a facade of a half-timbered house from the early 16th century depicts the busts of a couple of ‘bon vivants’ who seem to be welcoming the customers of a shop. But why this name? Is it Mr. Vannes? Probably because at the time the Vennes family lived in the area. From there to imagine that Mr. Vennes had his portrait cut with his wife, there is only one step and that Mr. Vennes became Mr. Vannes. We can believe that the Chinese whispers worked wonderfully!