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Circuits and walks in the Gulf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan is a favourable terrain to enjoy the pleasures of hiking. It offers signposted circuits between the fine sandy beaches, on the ocean side, the rocky strikes, on the Gulf side but also in the forest of the Landes de Lanvaux. More than a hundred kilometres of paths are accessible to experienced hikers, but also to beginners and families.

GR® 34 and GRP® Valves-Lanvaux

GR34® or “Customs Trail”

GR34 for the more Cartesian, “Sentier des douaniers” for the more intimate, the two names designate a continuous route of 180 kilometres from Locmariaquer to Arzon. Created during the Revolution to monitor the coasts and fight against smuggling, these trails now allow you to discover the must-see sites of the Gulf of Morbihan: the seven islands in Baden, the banks of the port of Vannes, the trail of the Culs salés in Séné, the marshes of Séné in Saint-Armel, the Petit Mont in Arzon… On the ocean side, the GR 34 continues along the cliffs of the Grand Mont in Saint-Gildas de Rhuys, along the banks of the river Pénerf at Tour-of-Parc or the marshes of the castle of Suscinio.

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GRP® Vannes-Lanvaux: a Great Hiking Loop!

This itinerary can be done on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback. It allows the discovery of the hinterland through the wooded and hilly massif of the Landes de Lanvaux up to the Little City of Character of Rochefort en Terre. It provides panoramic views over the Loc’h and Arz valleys as well as the Gulf of Morbihan. This large loop has two main starting points: Vannes and Questembert. It is divided into 12 stages of 10 to 28 km with shorter variants possible. At each stage, referenced accommodations offer services adapted to hikers.

Ofration :

  • On foot: 12 days / difficulty: confirmed
  • Mountain biking: 6 days / difficulty: medium
  • On horseback: 8 days / difficulty: confirmed

Markings: yellow and red

panneau gr34 indications rando

Maps and topo-guide of the Gulf

  • The tourist map of the city of Vannes: map of Vannes intra-muros and itineraries of walks in the city to discover the must-see attractions of the fortified city. Available in the tourist information offices of the Gulf of Morbihan. Free of charge.
  • Le Plan Touristique du Golfe du Morbihan : general map and detailed maps of the Rhuys Peninsula and the Landes de Lanvaux with the layout of hiking + cycling itineraries. Available in the tourist information offices of the Gulf of Morbihan. Free of charge.
  • Le Topo-guide Rando de Golfe du Morbihan Vannes : 45 parcours sont à découvrir dans ce guide. Tracé sur fond de carte, durée, difficulté et informations sur le parcours. En vente en ligne ou dans les bureaux d’information touristique du Golfe du Morbihan.
  • La Carte IGN 1 : 25 000 Vannes Golfe du Morbihan. À l’achat sur internet ou dans les bureaux d’information touristique.

The 10 commandments of the hiker

  • Respect the trails and don’t look for shortcuts. Walking off trails degrades the environment and worsens natural erosion.
  • Do not leave any trace of your passage. Take your rubbish with you to the nearest dustbin.
  • Keep your dog on a leash. Respect the peace and quiet of the herds and do not disturb pets.
  • Do not throw away your cigarette butts. They are huge dangers at the slightest passing breeze.
  • Check the local weather forecast and prepare accordingly.
  • Notify someone close to you of your itinerary.
  • Learn to recognise the fauna and flora to enhance your hike. Knowledge of the natural environment allows you to better understand why you should respect it.
  • Close the gates and fences on your route. The municipal staff have built them to preserve the landscape.
  • Do not consume water from fountains or streams. Their apparent limpidity does not necessarily mean that they are drinkable.
  • Find out about the regulations of the nature and ornithological reserves and respect the tranquillity of the place and the animals.