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The Gulf of Morbihan

With its numerous islands and islets, its microclimate that warms the sea and its gentle way of life, the Gulf of Morbihan is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brittany. Around Vannes, explore the treasures of this exceptional territory from the Rhuys peninsula to the Landes de Lanvaux.


Where the ocean ventures so far inland, the Regional Natural Park of the Gulf of Morbihan remains an open space with multiple influences that proudly claims its roots and culture.

Listed in the Club of the most beautiful bays in the world, the Gulf of Morbihan is home to some forty islands nestled in a small inland sea 5 km wide and 21 km long. It opens onto the Atlantic Ocean through a one-kilometer wide gully located between Port-Navalo and Locmariaquer. Nestled at the bottom of the bay, the city of Vannes is 25 kilometers from the ocean.

All year round, you can embark on a cruise boat to discover the Gulf of Morbihan by sea. Set sail on a heritage sailboat to better feel the roll and pitch of Mor Braz, this vast bay that hugs the southern flanks of Morbihan.

Seafood lovers, give in to the temptations of the fish market in Vannes, and enjoy the oysters of the Gulf of Morbihan in a relaxed atmosphere. Visits to oyster farms with on-site tasting are possible all around the bay. Cider and craft beer from the Gulf are the perfect accompaniment to the unavoidable crêpes and galettes, jewels of Breton gastronomy.

Go hiking between hedgerows and forests in the Landes de Lanvaux, in search of old chapels and megalithic monuments. Cabot from cove to beach by the coastal path or by the itineraries fitted out with bicycle of the peninsula of Rhuys to Port-Navalo. The GR34 allows walkers to go around the gulf by a marked path of 180 km between Locmariaquer and Arzon.


Historical center of the city of Vannes


aerial view Golfe du Morbihan – Presqu’île de Rhuys

Discover the peninsula of Rhuys

Beach of Brouël – île d’Arz

Walks and hikes in the Gulf of Morbihan


The Gulf of Morbihan forms a small inland sea of 12 000 hectares sheltered from the swell.

A long time ago, when the rivers had already dug their beds, the waters of the Atlantic invaded the “Mor-Bihan”, “small sea” in Breton.

This is why the ocean ventures so far inland towards Vannes and Auray through rias with a typically Breton character. The gulf encloses the ancient hills in a real archipelago where the sea, the land and the sky mingle in changing and unusual landscapes.

You will fall under the charm of the Ile aux Moines and the Ile d’Arz, but also of its numerous rocky or wooded islets which sometimes have a fishermen’s hamlet or simply a flock of birds.

“Legend has it that there are as many islands in the Gulf as there are days in the year.”

To discover the bay, let yourself be taken on a trip in the Gulf of Morbihan or a stopover of a few hours on an island. Daily departures take place from Baden, Arradon, Vannes or Port-Navalo.

How about a weekend in a sea kayak to cruise from island to island and discover the bay at the slow rhythm of the paddle? You can easily rent a boat from the sailing schools located around the bay and even enjoy a guided kayak tour.

Aerial view of the north of Berder Island


Nestled on the northern shores of one of the world’s most beautiful bays, Vannes is a lively city with a marina and a historic center with medieval architecture. The ramparts of Vannes, the half-timbered houses, the Saint-Pierre cathedral and the Saint-Patern district are among the unmissable tourist attractions of the capital of Morbihan.

From the Saint-Vincent gate to the prison gate, do not miss the circuit of the fortifications of Vannes. It allows you to enjoy beautiful views of the city and the French gardens that stretch out at the foot of the ramparts. Visiting Vannes is an essential step of your vacations in the Gulf of Morbihan!

Vannes remains of course the ideal city for shopping. In the pedestrian street, you will have the choice among the numerous fashion and decoration stores, the art and designer shops, or the gourmet shops selling regional products.

The marina of Vannes is located in the heart of the city and stretches along a channel with a pedestrian path of more than a kilometer along the quays. From the café terraces of the Place Gambetta, which opens onto the harbor, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the masts of the sailing ships.


In the south of the bay of the Gulf of Morbihan, the Rhuys Peninsula forms a long arm of land that closes the small sea. It has very beautiful ocean beaches that stretch along the Atlantic coast.

From the point of Port-Navalo, gateway to the Gulf of Morbihan, the current can reach up to 9 knots on days with a strong coefficient. You will have a front row seat to contemplate the 2nd strongest tidal current in Europe!

Megaliths lovers will be able to discover the Petit Mont cairn which shelters several dolmens just a few steps from the Crouesty harbor. A twin ticket allows you to extend the visit with the one of Gravinis, accessible only by boat from Lamor-Baden on the other side of the gulf.

In Sarzeau, don’t miss the medieval castle of Suscinio, the former secondary residence of the Dukes of Brittany! All around, the marshes of Duer and Suscinio offer an exceptional natural space where many migratory birds come to nest.

At the entrance of the peninsula, at the bottom of the bay of the gulf, you will be able to visit a real saltworks in activity. Meet Nathalie, the salt worker of the Gulf of Morbihan on the marshes of Lasné to know everything about the harvest of sea salt of Saint-Armel.


Get off the beaten track to reach the Gulf’s balconies, north of Vannes. The Landes de Lanvaux promise a bucolic escapade between undergrowth, rivers and pastures. The hinterland offers beautiful chapels, castles and manors full of character, but also some megaliths forgotten by time.

Do you have the soul of an adventurer? Discover with your family the Mys’Terre du Golfe game to explore unexpected historical and patrimonial places. Equipped with a logbook, players will have to solve enigmas in the form of cryptic messages, mischievous puzzles and observation games to discover the secrets of the Landes de Lanvaux.

The hinterland of Vannes also offers a great playground for sportsmen! Mountain bike enthusiasts will have a blast with the R-Bikes® area, 100% dedicated to mountain biking. Running enthusiasts can try out the Trail station with 11 courses for all levels, from 7 km to 26 km.


With its mild climate and its low altitude, the Gulf of Morbihan offers an ideal setting for family walks. You will be able to follow different stages of the “sentier des douaniers”, also called GR34, which covers the whole gulf on 180 km. Divided into 16 sections of 8 to 20 km, the itineraries mostly follow the coastline, but also take the hollow paths in the interior of the moor.

No less than 46 hiking circuits in the Gulf of Morbihan await you in the form of loops around Vannes, on the island of Arz and the island of Monks, in the moors of Lanvaux and on the peninsula of Rhuys.

If you prefer cycling, most of the itineraries combine seaside roads and cycle tracks. You can even take advantage of the ferry boats to easily access from one shore to the other with your bike!